Courier Services

About our Courier Services

Here in Texas Fallout we would like to offer all Vault Dwellers free access to our Courier Services. Please note this is only for Xbox players for now since our current Couriers have been vetted in. It could take up to 24 hours for a Courier to respond depending on availability. The purpose of this service to prevent other players from being scam and to have a fair trade. We highly encourage all players to utilize a Courier Service to prevent malicious practices. Our main goal here at Texas Fallout is to keep the game entertaining and provide a community of fans who enjoy the Fallout Franchise.

What’s a Courier?

Couriers are middle men that handle trades between 2 players. If you require our Courier Service you will message our recommended couriers (via Xbox for now) and inform them the player you wish to trade with and the items that will be traded. Our courier will take the items and pass them to the players per request. In return we would like some feedback.

Why choose Texas Fallout for Courier Services?

We understand there are other sites that offer this same service however we are a community that wants to continue to help others and keep the Wasteland fun. We have witness our friends getting scammed and would like to prevent that from happening to not only our community but the entire Fallout 76 Wasteland. We don’t require you to sign up nor to do we require any type of payment with the option of feedback. Our reputation is everything to us and we want everyone to feel welcome in our community.

How to Request a Courier?

You can request a courier by sending a message to their gamer tag such as their XBOX Username.

List of Xbox Couriers

Texas Fallout UsernameXBOX Username
Chris27Chris 27

PlayStation Couriers Coming Soon