Welcome to Texas Fallout

Welcome one and all to the best darn fan based website for everything Fallout. If you like the games as much as we do, then you have come to the right place. Take off your shoes and stay awhile. Here at Texas Fallout it is not just about people in Texas playing Fallout, it about any people that like to enjoy the games while being part of strong community. You don’t need to live in Texas to be part of our group. You don’t even need to know anyone in Texas… HECK, you don’t  even have to know that Texas is a state, in the USA.

Then you may be asking yourself, “Why did ya call it Texas Fallout then?” Well-Sir, that is a darn-right good question. You see, the people that created this website live in Texas, and even Fallout 76 was developed in Texas… bet you didn’t know that, did you….

So you may just ask yourself, “what ya’ll do here?” We want to be the one stop fan website that bring people closer together. We want to offer everything from Trusted Courier Services, to Community Active Forums. Our whole team is watching this website almost 24/7 on almost every electronic device out there… from their Computers, to mobile phones, to even the a Smart TV with a web browser in it. We are here and looking forward to welcoming you.

So how does one get started with the community… people have asked. That is easier than trying to get milk out of longhorn, I tell you what. So what you need to do is regier on the forums here … https://texasfallout.com/wp-login.php?action=register and verify your email. Once you log in setup your forums account, avatar, signature, and all that fun stuff. Post, post, post. Be active in the forums and come often. 

Maybe you want to know what else we offer, we are going to offer tournaments with some fantastic prizes, art contents, game insights, and a whole lot more. We are in this for the long-haul… so hope you are too. One more thing… Welcome.  – Chris27

Starting October 19th, we're celebrating Bombs Drop Week! ⚛️

Join us for our Spooky Scorched event, 50% off the Purveyor, Scrip Surplus, Double Mutations in Daily Ops, and more fun #Fallout76 surprises!

This week in #Fallout76's Inside The Vault!

✅ Bombs Drop Week Festivities! ⚛️
✅ Spooky Scorched Event. 🎃
✅ Purveyor Sale, Scrip Surplus, Double Mutation Daily Ops. 🎉

Check it all out here: https://beth.games/3lKhhOJ

Quick! Pull-over! They've got pumpkins!
@Kreepersin's spooky pumpkin stand is perfection.🎃

Have a Halloween-themed C.A.M.P. or Shelter? Share it with us on social, or in our official Discord: http://beth.games/5626 for a chance to see it featured.

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✅We deployed a hotfix for the PlayStation 5 version of @Quake that fixed Quake 64 in-game Add-on and 4k at 120hz for supported monitors. Users who attempted to download the Quake 64 Add-on prior to this hotfix will need to redownload the Add-on. We appreciate your patience!

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